Tuesday, December 20, 2011

White On White; But Which One Is Right

Color is known to affect and stimulate your mood. Yellow can put you in a cheerful mood, blue stimulates the intellect, red sparks passion. But white doesn't have that same effect on the senses. White is a relief and lends itself to the trend of your home being your sanctuary; a place where you escape to decompress from the demands of life. But with hundreds of shades available, finding the right white can be very tricky.

Creating a white on white room isn't as simple as it may seem. If not done properly, the room can become bland and boring. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when going for a monochromatic, white on white decor.

  1. Warm whites are tinted slightly with hues of yellow, orange, pink or brown. If you are going for an intimate feel in the room then warm whites is the way to go.
  2. Cool whites are tinted with shades of blue, green and gray. Cool whites can make a space feel larger - so if you are working with a tight space, cool whites is the way to go
  3. Avoid a sterile look by working with various shades of white to give a layered look with some depth.
  4. Avoid mixing warm and cool whites
  5. Opt for contrast - a rich cream on the walls and a clean white on the trim.
  6. Add texture to give the room depth.
  7. White on white doesn't necessarily mean every single piece in the room has to be white - the key pieces should be, but you can layer in darker wood tones or even accessories
  8. Opt for easily laundered slip covers for upholstery pieces
  9. You can add a little bit of color as seasons change, as an example. Again, keep the key pieces white.
  10. Have fun with it!

Here are some pictures with some well appointed white on white rooms. Enjoy!!