Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ceilings......The Fifth Wall

Is your ceiling blah and boring? Well, you are not alone. It always amazes me how how many ceilings go untreated. Well my job today is to get people to think of their ceilings as the fifth wall in a room.

There are endless options available to rescue those tired, boring popcorn ceilings out there.  Here are just a few ideas.

The simplest and least expensive option is simply painting your ceiling. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can use a flat finish, eggshell finish, or a glossy or metallic finish. In general, I sometimes use a lighter value of whatever the wall color will be as my ceiling color. That usually gives the room some color consistency, yet noticeably different. But the sky is the limit when it comes to paint color choices. You can go much darker than the walls, which actually can cause the ceiling to appear higher since it seems to recede. The most common is painting ceilings white, but that can be too cliche and too expected.

Of course, there are several more dramatic options we should explore.

The classic, architectural look using crown mouldings, medallions, swags, traceries etc will always give a room a timeless appeal. While this will sometims create a formal look in a room, they can be faux painted for a less formal look. Decorators Supply is one company that has tons of options available to create that timeless character in any room. They offer 5 “families" of ceilings with coordinated center medallions, corner and side ornaments and mouldings in the Empire, Colonial, Louis XIV and Louis the XV styles. Also available is a Gothic Tracery Ceiling.

Beamed ceilings is another favorite of mine. This will always add instant character in a room. Whether rustic or refined, beamed ceilings can also give a room a timeless look. There are several optins for real wood beams, but faux wood beams are also a great idea, and you really cannot tell the difference.

How about a wrought iron ceiling? Helser Brothers does it like no one else can. It is actually not wrought iron, but a resin that looks exactly like wrought iron. It is available in several designs and finishes and can be applied inside of wall niches, as window treatments, and of course ceiling treatments.

This is one ceiling treatment that even Michelango would appreciate; ceiling Murals. While these might be a bit over the top for an average home, you can take ideas and inspiration from these murals and do them in your own home

These photos are from various sources

Who says that wallpaper is just for walls? You can definitely wallpaper ceilings to add that special, custom touch.

These photos are from various sources

Have you considered fabrics for your ceiling? Well, it can just be the look you're going for. Although most of these pictures are in commercial settings, some version can be adapted for residential use. A fabric ceiling treatment would definitely be a conversation piece. I am certainly not recommending doing every room in your home with fabric ceilings, but a nursery or guest bedroom, or even a small reading nook or alcove would be perfect areas.

Faux painted ceilings is also more mainstream than some of the other options I mentioned earlier. There are tons of different textures and finishes out there. Here are a few

Have you considered tin ceiling?  Here are a few reasons.

How about a brick ceiling treatment? Very popular in wine rooms, this treatment can be adapted to a rustic dining room or kitchen....even a bedroom

Well, I am sure I have not exhausted the many options for ceiling treatments. You are only limited by your imagination. There are so many other treatments we haven't explored, but hopefully this posting has inspired you and have gotten your creative juices flowing. Ceilings are as big a part of a room as the finishing touches that give a room personality. So don't forget that ceilings are a room's fifth wall!

I hope you are inspired to create the home of your dreams.

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