Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Naked Windows

It is no secret to most people who know me - friends, family and clients - that my favorite part of any of my design projects is the fabrics. I absolutely enjoy looking at beautiful fabrics, touching the wonderful textures and pulling together a room design with well coordinated patterns and textures.  I am fortunate to have a vast resource library in my design studio, but could still spend hours at a time exploring my favorite fabric showrooms at Decorative Center Houston. I have even been accused of being a fabric snob....because I always go for the high-end and unique.
It's this passion for beautiful fabrics that led me to the idea of offering custom window treatments that you order on-line. It's as simple as measuring your windows, then hopping onto the website (currently under construction) and selecting your fabric from a vast selection, your pleat style and length, whether you want interlining, or a width and a half or double width. My objective is to make it easy and affordable so that everyone can enjoy beautiful fabrics in their homes. There will be beautiful duppioni silks, linens, cottons, faux silks, embroidered silks and linens and the list goes on.
I have recently added a products page to my website and enjoyed the challenging process of putting it together. I wanted to take it a step further by giving my customers custom choices to make each window treatment design their own.
This is the logo that will be the face of No Naked Look for the website in the very near future.

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