Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

As an Interior Decorator, one of my favorite things to do is keeping up with current trends in home decor and fashion. I dive into home design magazines and attend markets and visit vendors' websites to keep up with the everchanging design industry.
My most favorite thing to explore is fabrics and trims. I enjoy nothing more than getting new fabric book shipments, or visiting the Houston Decorative Center and checking out some of my favorite fabric houses.
fabrics is really what makes a design come alive. With the beautiful colors and textures, every room benefits from beautiful fabrics. Here are just a few examples of fabrics I love and how beautiful they are in room settings. Enjoy!


One of my recent finds on a recent trip to London, is a company called Houles, who manufacture some of the most beautiful drapery trims and hardware, you'll ever find.

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