Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Does Your Style In Fashion Say About Your Interior Design Style?

I recently met with a young couple for an interior design consultation. I walked into an empty, unfurnished house because they just got married and literally had closed on the house the day before, and owned nothing but a jumbo bean bag - that's on its way out if I have anything to do with that decision. Walking into a furnished home usually gives me a clue as to what style or aesthetic my client is drawn to, but in this case there was nothing! Well the obvious thing to do was to ask what their design style is, which is just what I did, but asking that question doesn't always get you a straight answer, because clients simply don't know exactly what their style is. The next best thing was to find out a bit more about hobbies and interests, how they like to spend their free time and what type of fashion in clothing they are drawn to.

The way we dress our bodies often correlates with our taste in home fashion. After all, much of interior design trends is taken directly from the runways of Paris, Milan, New York and translated into home fashion. Whether it's the color trends or style trends, we can always look to fashion, especially when in doubt.

Let's Look at some examples of how taking cues from your closet can help you define your interior design style.

Casual Beach Chic

If you would rather wear a bathing suit than a cocktail dress, or if your closet is filled with board shorts and t-shirts, then you may appreciate an interior that is comfortable, casual, light, airy and beachy. You would naturally gravitate towards sandy neutrals and bright blues, yellows, greens and corals....colors that can be found by the ocean.

To apply this style to your interior environment go for natural materials like natural woven wood window coverings, reclaimed woods for furnishings, casual fabrics like linens and cottons, comfortable slip covered upholstery, jute and sisal area rugs, painted floors. Add accessories that hint at the beach witout going overboard. You want to create the feeling of the beach and not a thrift shop.

You don't always have to use "beachy" colors to give that feeling, just go for comfy and casual

Manhattan Chic

If a sleek, fashion forward "LBD" (Little Black Dress) is more your speed, then you may like a more contemporary, elegant, sophisticated and dressed up space, but still comfortable and liveable. Here are some examples.

To apply this style to your environment, look for really tailored and clean lined pieces, it's safe to use exquisite fabrics such as silks, mohair, velevets but balance them carefully with leather. Tufted upholstery is a great touch but keep it contemporary, adding original art is a great way to give the space a sophisticated cultured feel

Boho Chic

If you are more of a free spirit, and like to mix unexpected pieces, chunky jewelry and just have a vintage, collected feeling to your wardrobe then you may enjoy a boho chic interior. Strong colors and mixing vintage pieces in an unexpected way defines a boho chic space. Take a look

To apply this style to your environment, think eclectic, vintage, collected. Pieces have to have a feeling of having had a past life with an interesting story. It should feel like a personal expression of who you are and the stages of life you have gone through.

We'll cover one more style:

Updated Traditional

This style may appeal to someone who likes classic and timeless fashion, or possibly someone who is keen on having certain "staple" pieces in their closet and then are able to add an accent piece, whether a jacket or scarf or a piece of jewelry to update the look - Like a simple black dress that can be dressed up or down and can transition effortlessly from the office to an evening affair.

To apply this style to an interior environment, look for classic pieces that you won't get tired of easily. Furnishings that hint at the past but still have a timeless appeal. Look for prints like houndstooth, paisleys and damasks. Uphostery pieces like a wing back chair or a chesterfield sofa done in leather are a great addition to an updated traditional space. Alot of wood work and moldings is an integral part of a traditional room, along with an interesting wallcover. Wallpaper has come a long way and can be just the right touch in an updated traditional room.

So these are just a few examples of how your personal style can influence your interior design style. Of course, there are many variations to this. The key is to have fun dressing up (or down) and have fun decorating,..... and if you are still in doubt, call your local designer! We at Casa Vilora Interiors are always happy to anser your questions. Feel free to leave us a comment or question, and we'll be ready and waiting to reply.

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